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Introducing Ark, by

1st invisible skin with Grip

Self-Healing, flexible, tough, military-grade thermoplastic urethane. Scratch-proof, puncture, and UV resistant.

Covered with installation warranty.

Get the feeling of protection.

Gadget, with cases or not, prone to scratches. Some people dropped their phone, but everyone scratches it.

Easy Installation

With the one-line cut in the middle, installing a back protector for your phone has never been this easy.

Self healing

Ever see a matte-finish back protector with a self healing feature? Say no more, we got you.

Anti-slip material

With the layer to enhance your grip on top of the matte-finish layer, get a better experience in holding your phone.

Case compatible

Small dusts trapped between your gadget and case will definitely create some scratches. Separate them, get protected.

Mold & Smudges

Say goodbye to those grubby mold and smudges, with the matte-finish we ensure your gadget to be always clean and spotless.


Conserve the authentic look of your smartphone without adding any excessive bulk.

🤔 5 Years of experience in skin industry with tons of prototype, Ark passed our standard.

😴 Worry-free with our installation warranty, we guarantee you can install Ark invisible skin with ease, or we'll send you a new one!


The best investment you will ever make. Lasts more than 3 years, won't leave any residue when peeled off.

Ark Invisible Skin

Rp 129.000

Get 1pc Ark invisible skin with 2 days installation warranty, no insurance.

  • Ark invisible skin
  • Installation Warranty
  • - 3 Months insurance

Insurance can be claimed without any reason for one time only.

Protecting never been this easy 😍cheap 🤑classy 😎

The protection you didn't know you needed, even if you uses phone case.

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3 Minutes purchase, scratch-free for 3 years.